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Conversation insights and professionalism from the front desk to the back office.

Improve Customer Satisfaction | Ensure Compliance | Reduce Cost


An economical, single-vendor solution that delivers the same robust functionality across the organization.


Quick and easy-to-deploy speech analytics solution, with ready-to-use reporting.


Easily customizable evaluation forms and auto-notification, based on scoring thresholds


Facilitates script adherence and integrates with automated workflows.

Deploy to specific teams or organization-wide.

Conversation Insights

Employee and customer interactions are transcribed automatically, providing vital source information for keyword search, topic trend reporting, and AI-driven sentiment analysis.

This provides instant and valuable feedback on how effectively and empathetically you’re serving your customers and supervisors and managers can team members’ adherence to best practices.

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Capture and Search

The dual-channel recording captures a separate audio track for both the caller and called party.

Not only does this aid in the review process, it also improves accuracy and searchability when text-to-speech transcription is enabled, allowing specific words and phrases to be located efficiently.

Categorize and Visualize

Automatically track the use of keywords or phrases to provide an active insight into the sentiments being expressed in employee-customer interactions.

These trigger words can be easily customized and enable you to visualize and highlight conversation sentiment, as a barometer of customer engagement and employee empathy.

Evaluate and Score

Get a simple to deploy toolset for gauging the performance of team members, by benchmarking adherence with interaction transcripts as the key currency.

Managers can drill down into specific users’ conversation history and access and tag the relevant interaction data as a means of providing instant feedback, whether for best practice training or for performance improvement.

Analyze and Report

As interaction data accumulate over time, users can mine the rich seam of information to sift out actionable insights, particularly those based on topic matching and speech trending.

The ability to isolate trends over customizable time periods, both system-wide and for specific teams, enables managers to track adherence to best practices and compliance to in-house or industry-specific processes.

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